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Words from Barton Grant Director -

December 12, 2013

Words from Barton Grant Director -

Both myself and my sister were so blessed to have such nice down to earth parents who were tragically killed in India, doing what they loved best, travelling.

Dad was firstly an auctioneer  before he went in the Saddlery business which he and my mother established 1973. They had 2 retail Saddlery shops which lead them into establishing a wholesale business called STC (Saddlery Trading Co)  in the early 1980s, which today is one of the biggest suppliers of horse equipment to the Australian market.

Prestige Pet Products was established in 1997. The story here is that I worked for many years in dad's business and I saw an opening for our dog coats (which at the time were made from off cuts of large horse rugs) and Bio-Groom shampoo's which at the time were selling very well in the Saddlery stores. Seeing this potential opportunity, I wanted to offer these products to the Pet specialty stores. Dad knew that I wanted to have my own business and he said to me that he would help, not only help but wanted to help me succeed. From there we added in dog & cat collars from Weaver Leather which were of a high quality. Our very first customer was Pet City at Mount Gravatt in Brisbane which really got behind and supported the products we offered. My father and I would often speak about the first day that both of us went to Pet City and met with Kim, Evio & Rosalie.

I learnt so much from my Dad, not only working for him in the Saddlery business, but I learnt so much from him when we were working equally together in establishing Prestige to where the company is today. I have to make special mention my mother Patricia Grant that if it wasn't for her neither myself or my father would of succeeded in business as her contribution behind the scenes in helping us both of the financial side as well as looking after our personal wellbeing and guiding us is immeasurable.  Both Prestige Pet Products and Saddlery Trading Co, will go on in memory of both my parents, who I will always love dearly - words of course cannot express how I feel about both of them.

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